Dolls and Reborn also accessories and clothes

Jean has worked very hard to turn her passion into reality, indeed it's taken more than a year of hard work to get her Teddy Bear’s Coffee Shop into the business that it now is. So please visit, and enjoy this quirky and highly individualistic little establishment.

Opening day, and the splendid figure in the centre is Mr Jena Pang. As well as his career in music and law, he is an internationally recognised teddy bear collector, and so who better to open Jean's new shop. And in case you don't know her, Jean is the lady to the left of Mr Pang, and doesn't she look happy and joyful.

This is looking from the front door of the shop through to the Dolls and Teddy Bear's Hospital at the back. Just beneath the ceiling you can see part of the mural that runs around all four walls of the shop, it depicts scenes from Burscough life through the years, and was painted by well-known local artist Derrick Fielding. At the foot of the mural a model railway runs continually, its load is a canal barge. This brings together the two integral parts of Burscough's history i.e. the canal and the railways.

The coffee shop is not open at night, so, what's going on here? Well, what happens when a group of teddy bears are left alone, and it's dark, they have a teddy bear's picnic of course, but you won't catch them at it, because all the dolls keep a lookout, and as soon as a human approaches all activity ceases, leaving you wondering why the light is on.

Mr Pang knows and loves his teddy bears, there are dozens of them, and they know and love him too, they even gather around to listen to him play the piano. Don't accuse me here of anthropomorphism, for this is the real thing