A sophisticated doll genre

Prichard’s Dolls Hospital will be running its next Reborn Doll’s Course on Sunday August 31st 2014.  How lovely would it be to make your own reborn baby for yourself, or to pass down through your family?

The reborn dolls, beside being valuable, and a future antique, are known to have a calming effect on some women; they tend to bring out the motherly instinct that most women feel when they have their own child.

Some women are now taking up this hobby either to collect the dolls, or to start their own business in reborning which can be quite profitable.  What ever the reason, reborning is fun, and you can make new friends.

Prichard’s Dolls Hospital run by Jeannie Prichard is having its next Reborn Class on Sunday August 31st 2014. Courses will run on Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM, or until you finish making your baby.  Included in the course fee will be a complete baby boy or girl, the choice is yours, and everything to make your baby will be provided in the classroom.  All we ask is that you bring a baby outfit with long or short sleeves, and a hat (optional),  we provide the babies nappy and the vest.

A light lunch will be provided by Jean, also, tea and coffee is available throughout the day in the classroom.

The cost of the course is £250 with a non-refundable deposit of £100 to arrive 2 weeks before the course starting date, with the balance being payable on the day of the course.

Reborn Course Agenda

Course Deposit